Otter Voice Notes



Otter is a transcription app that understands audio so well it knows who says what and even pulls out themes from a given conversation.



No one wastes time taking notes. Otter transcribes meetings, includes time stamps, and makes it easy to know exactly who said what during a meeting, interview, presentation, Q&A, or any other live event.

It catches the gist of a conversation. We’ve all had hilarious Alexa and Siri moments. Otter “is pretty on point,” according to one respondent. However, there are still moments when it misses who is saying what or what’s being said. It does get better the more the same people use it because it “learns” people’s voices.

It tags conversations so you can easily jump to a certain point. One of the cool features is that Otter understands keywords that are said multiple times, so you can use it to navigate to the exact spot in a conversation where that word is said.




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