CamScanner digitizes any photo you have and turns it into a PDF or JPEG you can share with others.


Now business owners in Africa and beyond can use CamScanner because it allows us to back up and share important documents straight from our phones. Below are all the reason why we recommend it’

You can scan docs in bulk. The batch scan feature lets you select a bunch of photos from your phone and upload them to CamScanner all together, instead of doing each one separately.

You can tag docs, grab text, and search through the text. If you want to copy the text from a photo of an important document, you select the area of text in the doc, and it displays it in an editable format. It also allows you to search through the text of all of the docs you’ve scanned.

It cleans up docs automatically. When you upload a photo, it automatically detects the edges of the page and enables you to select the crop you want.



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