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Bokang Consulting Services

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Bokang Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd is a 100% black owned security consulting company, listed as a level 1 Broad Based BEE contributor.

Bokang Consulting provides niche turnkey security services. Our reputation is for challenging the conventional, and for delivering solutions that are innovative, flexible and effective. We are proud of our work. Continuously you will find the same client-focused energy, dedication, care and attention to detail. Our team ethos binds BCS staff members strongly and the effective internal communication allows us to complement each other’s efforts and deliver superior client service.

What does it mean?

The choice of name not only reflects Bokang’s rich African flair; it also expresses our constant striving for simple yet ingenious solutions which can function even in environments that do not have sophisticated technological infrastructure. Bokang is the Setswana name for “Praise (worthy)” which is synonymous with admiration and eulogising. Bokang or ‘praise worthy’ is the epitome of the service that our customers enjoy timeously.