How to Activate an African Brand

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July 12, 2017
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July 12, 2017

How to Activate an African Brand

Our showreel will introduce you to the most unique and creative brand activation campaigns from around the world. Be inspired.

See more of the kind of cost-effective campaign ideas you can use to activate your own brand.

Preview Magazine

An umbrella becomes a spear; a designer bag turns into a shield. If necessary fashion items can be pretty good weapons of self-defence. In the Philippines, where lots of women have experienced some form of physical violence, that can be very useful. Preview Magazine translated this idea in an impressive integrated campaign called Fashion is Power. This case study shows the impactful success story in which Preview Magazine links the glossy world of high fashion with the real life of Philippine women.


With I’m with the banned Spotify (140 million active users in 60 countries around the world) slams Donald Trump’s travel ban. Together with artists from the six Muslim-majority countries targeted by the American president’s partially enacted travel ban, the streaming service starts a visual and audio project with a strong political message. The goal, according to Spotify’s press release, is to ‘empower artists and fans from different cultures to come together, and to amplify the voices of people and communities that have been silenced.’

Uk’shona Kwelanga

Uk’shona Kwelanga is written by one of South Africa’s leading scriptwriters, BongiNdaba, and follows a family’s WhatsApp conversation in real-time to highlight the struggles of preparing for a funeral when money is tight. Can a death in the family bring them closer or will the financial pressure of funeral preparations tear them apart?

The Unusual Football Field Project

In many of Bangkok’s overcrowded urban areas there is a huge lack of proper spaces to practice sports for teens. That made project developer AP THAILAND decide to attack this problem by using its knowledge about space design. In The Unusual Football Field Project the company transformed unutilised city areas into non-rectangular playing zones. TIME Magazine hailed the initiative as one of 25 best inventions of 2016 worldwide and it has been awarded at multiple international advertising shows.

Noa Ubongo

There are at least 10,000 video halls in Tanzania. It’s one of the main avenues of media consumption among youth. TBWA\ Khanga Rue had an idea: let’s turn those video halls into classrooms. Noa Ubongo is a highly innovative, multi-media platform that aims to make a big impact.There are a lot of idle youth in East Africa who – for many reasons – didn’t finish secondary school. Noa Ubongo will help bridge the gap in knowledge and skill development.

Tiger Beer

Cheap goods, low quality. Those are usually the first words that come to mind when people are asked about Asian products. To beat this stereotypes Singapore-based Tiger Beer repurposed an old discount store in the middle of New York’s Chinatown. There they curated items representing the best of contemporary Asian fashion, art and design. The news spread fast and during the opening days there were lines that stretched around the block. Great concept!
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